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  1. It is always sad to face the death of another specially nice people but my heart goes to those whose death and torture pictures never get into CNN!
    Who says blood is blood, I bet there are blood and there are thin blood and ours is always thin so our life matters less if at all!
    I wonder covering the tragic death of Marla would ever be depicted along side the death of hundreds of children and women and men in Iraq?
    This is our time, truth is lost in the media (all over the world) and no matter how much we resist, they get into our heads and we start to follow their pathway of truth.
    Ah k-e mA dar zendAnhAy-ie asier hasteem k-e goriez az AnhA har rooz nA momkentar mi-namAyad.

  2. این انسانیت آمریکایی حال آدم رو به هم می زنه
    همین عکس حتی
    شدیدآ حال به هم زنه
    بهتر بود این خانم اگه اینقدر فعال حقوق بشر بود به خاطر فعالیت های سیاسی ضد جنگ در “آمریکا ” کشته میشد…

  3. « آتش زنه ها را جمع کردیم…
    لرزان در فتیله ذهن
    سنگ را بر سنگ زدیم
    که جرقه ای زند و شعله ای ضعیف بپاشد
    وامانده شد بند بند انگشتانمان
    و بارها از سنگ برآمده تر شد
    پس ما چه می دانستیم
    از آتش زنه که کتان و آهن را می سوزاند
    انباشته در غروب یک حلقه
    آیا مشت هامان را بر هم نهاده ایم تا امیدهامان کوچک شود؟‌ »
    از: شیموس هینی
    برگردان: مینا کابلی

  4. وقتی نشستی دستت رو گذاشتی زیر چونه ات و احساس می کنی با اینکه همه جا آپ تو دیت شده ولی انگار تکراری و خسته کننده است، یهو یه فکر مث یه چراغ تو سرت روشن می شه و یاد پاگرد میفتی و با اینکه آپ تو دیت نشده بازم کلی احساس خوب بهت می ده …

  5. ۱. Someone wrote about the _truth_! Even and I mean even if people knew the truth, what good it would have done today? Do you want me to list you hundreds of thousands of truth of our age which are going by without having the influence that me or you want from it?
    ۲. My only objection to the picture was how it was used out of proportion in the media, none of my objections goes back to Sara. If you even trust the words of Noam Chomsky (which I do not) you would see that there is no _independant_ media out there specially not the american version of it no matter who the reporter is, Christian Amanpour or not ;)
    ۳. You feel this reality when you go out of the homeland, then you have to defend things about your culture and ourselves that has no root in reality but the way we are depicted in the so-called media.
    ۴. And I am not going to talk about the past few years and what it would trail in the coming years for us, for us without voice in the international scene.
    ۵. Sara jAn, I did not get what you meant, I mean were you trying to tell me to wash my eyes and see otherwise or you agreed with my opinion (which I doubt;)
    I have seen just too much in the life of mine, I mean what I (like all of my generation) have been through is the history of the civilization, we have seen it almost of all colours. Having said that, I have to say that I have tried most of my life to maintain an objective view to the world which is not easy at all and you know it very well. I wish we were able to talk face to face then maybe we could have talked more freely, alas!
    There is a saying in our religeous teaching that the life of a single person is equal to that of the whole humanity! I wish that concept was also tought in the States and Europe and …
    Over there, there are different prices for people’s life. I never forget when an origianlly iranaian reporter working for BBC was captured and murdered in ‘arAgh’ by that dictator (during our ‘jang’) and british gov did nothing and the same goes for that irish woman in arAgh who a while back was kidnapped and … and she was origianlly from an arab country and she waited and begged and cried and died!
    Darn, I am writing too much, 1e6 excuses.
    PS: I have no objection with that piece of news being told or posted here or else where, that would be doing just what I despise. May her soul rest in peace!

  6. سلام سارای من.خسته نباشی.نمیدونی چقدر دوست دارم….وقتی برای اولین بار که ۱۴ سالم بود وارد اینترنت شدم پدرم منو به سایت تو برد…..هنوزم که۱۸ سالم شده به سایت تو میرم…سارا خیلی وقته دلم گرفته…..یه بار تو چت از آرش پرسیدم سارای آینه ی من چند سالشه؟؟ منو محکوم به فوضولی در اطلات شخصی دیگران کرد…دیگه از هیچ کس این سوالو نخواهم پرسید……

  7. Do you really believe in those words you have written or you are just saying so because you have been tought so?
    kalmAt-e gond-e rA jAyee dar vAgheyyat-e talkh-e hayAt neest. Anch-e haghyghat dArad An bombie ast k-e bar sar-e mA mioftad yA An bombie ast k-e ba sar-e digarAn miAndAzeem, mA baghie bAd-e havAst! tab ast, hazyAn ast!

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